Latanzo Rowing Parts

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A wide variety of replacement parts.

Wooden Sweep Seat
$120.00 ea.
State distance between wheel centers.
Wooden Scull Seat
$120.00 ea.
State distance between wheel centers.
Undercarriage Complete
$28.00 ea.
State distance between wheel centers.
Nylon Open Scull lock
$20.00 pr.
Nylon Scull lock w/keeper
$25.00 pr.
Nylon Seat Support
$25.00 pr.
Fit Pin S.S.
$18.00 ea.
Nylon Fin
$10.00 ea.
Shoe Assembly Complete 
$85.00 ea.
SS Square Bolts w/Wing Nuts
1” length - $6.00 ea.
1.5” – $6.00 ea.
Pipe Ends
$15.00 pr.
Number Holder
$5.00 ea.
Nylon Heel Cups
$12.00 pr.
Bow Ball
$8.00 ea.
Notched Channel
$8.00 pr.
Plain Channel
$8.00 pr.
Scull Buttons
$7.00 ea.
$18.00 pr.
Nylon Scull Sleeves
$13.00 ea.
Aluminum Tracks w/end stops
Standard Finish
$25.00 pr.

Handcoated Finish
$32.00 pr.
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